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Cooperative Alternatives Event

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) has launched an independent report, commissioned by the Co-operative Party, setting out an ambitious vision for a UK co-operative sector double the size it is today.

“Co-operatives Unleashed: Doubling the Size of the Co-operative Economy” addresses these two fundamental questions. ‘If co-operatives are better businesses that can help create a better economy, society and environment, why they have not thrived in UK? And why have they thrived elsewhere?” The report calls for significant expansion of the UK co-operative sector, bringing it closer into line with other countries.

Co-operative Alternatives have supported the development of the co-operative sector for the past five years and with our successes we also bring concerns for missed opportunities. Interestingly, the report highlights the need for a Co-operative Development Agency in Northern Ireland as one of the key aspects to enable the growth of the sector. Co-operative Alternatives welcomes the recommendations and encourage this local debate. If you are a co-operative, a co-operator, or simply interested in a different type of economy, join us at this seminar. We discussed the findings of the report with Claire McCarthy who commissioned the report and debated them with local co-operative analyst Paul Gosling.

Presentations were followed by a panel discussion chaired by Tony McMullan from the local Co-operative Party.

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