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Northern Ireland Labour Party AGM - 2 June 2018

The Annual General Meeting of the Northern Ireland Labour Party will take place at 10:00 on Saturday 2 June, 2018 at the Wellington Park Hotel (McWilliam Suite) 21 Malone Rd, Belfast, BT9 6RU. Please arrive promptly.

Eligibility to attend

Only fully paid up members of the Labour Party will be eligible to attend this meeting. There will be a membership check on the door, so please make sure you bring along your membership card or an alternative form of identification.

Election of officers 2018-19

Elections will take place for the following officer positions.

  • Officers - Chair; Vice Chair; Vice Chair/Membership; Secretary; Treasurer; Women's Officer; Youth/Student Officer; Ethnic Minorities Officer

  • Functional Officers (non-voting) - Disability Officer; LGBTQ+ Officer; Trade Union Liaison Officer

At least four of the Officers must be women, and the Executive Committee overall must be at least 50% women. In addition, the following positions will be elected:

  • National Policy Forum Representative

  • Auditors - two positions

  • Annual Conference delegates - up to seven delegates (must be gender balanced), plus one additional woman delegate and one additional youth delegate.

  • Women's Conference delegates - one delegate

To stand for any of the positions above you will need to self-nominate in advance. Nominations should be emailed to no later than 17:00 on Thursday 24 May with the subject line "NI NOMINATION". Where no nominations are recieved in advance, nominations will be taken from the floor. Where only one nomination is recieved, that member will be elected upopposed.

Nominations for national positions and commitees

Northern Ireland CLP is entitled to make nominations for the following national positions and committees. Nominations can be made at the AGM, or deferred to a subsequent meeting.

  • Treasurer - up to one nomination

  • Auditor - up to two nominations

  • Conference Arrangements Committee - up to five nominations

  • National Constitutional Committee - up to one nomination

  • National Executive Committee - up to nine nominations

Reports from outgoing officers

Outgoing CLP Officers are invited to submit reports of their activities. Please submit these to no later than 17:00 on Thursday 24 May so that reports can be circulated in advance.


  1. Welcome and apologies

  2. Election of Tellers

  3. Election of Officers & Functional Officers

  4. Election of NPF Rep, Auditors, Annual Conference Delegates, and Women's Conference Delegates

  5. Nominations for national positions and committees

  6. Minutes of previous meeting

  7. Any Other Business (notified in advance)

If you have any questions ahead of the meeting, please feel free to drop me a line.

Many thanks,


Fraser Welsh Interim Secretary, Northern Ireland CLP Acting Head of Internal Governance, The Labour Party

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