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New Northern Ireland co-op farm offers community supported agriculture

A new co-operative farm is being set up in Larne, County Antrim, with the aim of providing “good food for all forever”.

Jubilee Farm, set in the walled garden at Drumalis Retreat, has been set up as a community benefit society, supported by Northern Ireland development body Co-operative Alternatives through the Hive.

It will offer Northern Ireland’s first co-operative community-supported agricultural scheme (CSA).

Founded by an inter-denominational group of Christians, the farm will partner with people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

“As an inter-denominational group, we’re setting up Jubilee Farm because we want to show that Christians can and should care for the environment,” said Jonny Hanson of Jubilee Farm.

“Not only that, but we want to ground this conviction in a particular place and to serve a particular community, including those with different backgrounds and beliefs. Ultimately, we’re setting up Jubilee Farm because we have hope for this wonderful world.”


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